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Participants must adhere to all league COVID-19 procedures including but not limited to:


Anyone with any illness or symptoms of COVID-19 must remain home.   Parents, please make sure to complete a daily pre-screening of all athletes before they attend practice or games in accordance with the CDC guidelines to determine whether or not your child should participate in group sports activities.


We will no longer be conducting screening questions or temperature checks in the field.


Attendance will be taken by Fierce Nation Staff for all players and coaches who enter the registered coaches/players area, during check-in.


Players agree to use their own equipment and bring their own filled water bottles.  Water will not be provided by Fierce Nation Lacrosse.


Spectators will not be allowed in the registered coaches/players area.  Spectators may watch the games from outside the registered coaches/players area, but we recommend that unvaccinated spectators continue to wear a mask and maintain social distance of at least 10 feet.


Coaches entering the field area must be registered in our online registration system (free registration).


We are in this together -- STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19!